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Instagram Carousel Template

April 10, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Instagram Carousel Template for Sketch & Figma.

I see a big trend among designers — posting carousels on Instagram. But I can’t get myself used to post there. So, I decided to do a bit of research and create a template for my future content to help myself.

So today, I want to share my small Carousel Kit for Sketch & Figma. 😊

The Idea

The idea behind this freebie is to establish a workflow for preparing my own Instagram content. I hope you can find this template useful in making your approach to IG posts and carousels. ♥️

Instagram post — is a series of images with the text utilizing the slide gesture. They provide good user retention and can be a great solution for people looking for micro-blog content.

Anatomy of the post

The carousel template is designed with a classy 4pt grid with predefined spaces for repeated elements, such as Header, Subtitle, Signature, and CTA.

To help myself decide about elements — I used as the inspiration source and have developed a pattern based on how other people use typography elements and negative space in their posts.

Based on that, I have made a bunch of components to establish my header and footer sections. 👇

Instagram Carousel Template for Sketch & Figma Routine

I thought that there would definitely be a profit in saving time on repetitive actions when preparing my content. So I decided that the latest features from Sketch & Figma can come in handy here.

The Template features:

  • Symbols/Components for all brand elements;
  • Auto-resizing;
  • Text & color styles;
  • Dark theme support for different types of content accommodation.

The Flow

To help myself with different types of steps. I decided to premade a small number of carousel layouts to copy, modify, and create new ones based on them to speed up the whole process.

Instagram Carousel Kit for Sketch & Figma

That’s all!

You can use this template to showcase your amazing content on Instagram in a simple but beautiful way. Feel free to customize it and come up with your own unique style & voice. ✌️

Download Instagram Kit