Frequently asked questions

💬In General

What is Buninux?

Buninux is a premium design assets store, created and maintained by @buninux.
Our goal is to help designers and design teams with modern solutions to time consuming pain points such as starting a design from scratch, designing a system, making style guides, making wireframes, creating presentations, designing icons, and more.
ⓘ You can get all Buninux products on a subscription-based Unlimited Access or purchase each product separately and have life-time access to its updates.

How can Buninux help me and how are you different from other resources?

You can use our products unlimited times for all kinds of digital products. Be it your personal website, client project, mobile application, or any GUI. You will always find resources to help achieve your goals faster, with UI kits, style guides, mockups, wireframes, and icons at your service.
Every professional, be it an artist or engineer, has their own favorite set of tools that they use daily. Buninux provides you with these tools and helps to use your favorite software at it's best. Our assets are perfectly sliced, tuned ingredients to delight, and enhance your working experience.

What software do I need to use your products?

To efficiently use Buninux tools, you will need Figma, Sketch or Illustrator depending on the product description.

What can I learn?

If you're new to Sketch or Figma, you'll master advanced software techniques, stay up to date with the latest features, and learn how to create your design system, UI kit or icon set.
If you're an advanced user, you will benefit by using a well-maintained and solid foundation with many different components to fit a variety of different projects.

Do you provide refunds?

We issue refunds only if you can show that the file is corrupt on your end and cannot be used. Due to the nature of digital downloads, there are no refunds and credits once an order is placed and the product is sent, especially if:
› You changed your mind about an item;
› You bought an item by mistake.

How can I download Buninux products again?

Log into your Gumroad to access your library. Click on any Buninux product to get its latest version.

What licence should I choose?

Choose a Team license if you work with a team, plan to use the products under your company, or if you plan to share or distribute an end-product.
Choose a Personal license if you're a solo user and plan to use the products by yourself.

With license you can

› Use Buninux in commercial projects;
› Use Buninux in personal projects;
› Modify Buninux products as needed.

You may not

› Redistribute, resell, license, sublicense or lease Buninux or modified products.

Become an Affilate

You can participate in Buninux partnership program and earn up to 40% from every sale you made. To participate, you only need a Gumroad account. Contact us for more details.
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